Learning Together, Leading Together has been made possible through the work of hundreds of individuals committed to the long-term success of Mount Royal University. Led by our Strategic Plan Steering Committee, we sought feedback from our community, and the response was truly overwhelming. Our community came together to draw the roadmap for our future. We conducted a formal engagement process over the course of most of 2014. By the numbers, that engagement process included many highlights:

Our students, our faculty, staff and management, and our broader community are both the Foundation of our work and the key to our success. We had discovered our starting point, and Learning Together, Leading Together naturally developed from there. Our University community validated our Strategic Plan through an extensive review process, and Learning Together, Leading Together was complete.
Our strategic planning process was a learning experience for all of us. By Learning Together through the planning, we are now Leading Together as a community, setting out on our next exciting decade.

Thank you to everyone
who contributed to the development of
Learning Together, Leading Together