Mount Royal University is uniquely positioned to offer students the best of all academic worlds. The purpose of Learning Together, Leading Together is to guide us in this direction and to ensure that we identify and recognize all of our strengths in the process. The Strategic Plan outlines specific goals, strategies and measures as we seek to offer our students the best post-secondary experience possible. As we set out to achieve this Strategic Plan, it is important to address some fundamental questions about how we see ourselves now and how we will be different in ten years’ time. What is the profile of Mount Royal in 2025?

Mount Royal is and will remain a university with a strong commitment to and focus on undergraduate, liberal education. The majority of our programming will remain four-year Bachelor degrees. These degrees will be supplemented by a number of direct entry and post-undergraduate certificate and diploma programs. Throughout our discussion with the Mount Royal community, the consensus to remain an undergraduate institution was unequivocal. In ten years, our goal is not to introduce graduate programs, but rather to deserve our reputation as one of Canada’s finest undergraduate universities. To do this, we need to expand both our degree programming and the size of our student population on the Lincoln Park campus. Since 2007, Mount Royal has introduced eleven different baccalaureates for our students. We offer 42 different majors within these baccalaureate offerings. We will continue to provide a wide variety of choice for students in terms of majors and degrees, from broadcast journalism to midwifery. At the same time, we will seek to increase the overall number of students on our campus. With the completion of the Riddell Library and Learning Centre, the transformation of “Main Street” and future development of east campus, we can grow to approximately 13,000 students.

Why is this growth important?

First, while not immune to national demographic trends, Calgary has a younger and growing population compared with much of Canada. As such, we have the population base within our city to sustain this increase in student numbers.

Second, there is demand for our programming. Our degree offerings are a gateway for successful careers for our graduates. With an employment rate of over 90%, our graduates are making important contributions to Alberta within months of graduating.

Third, this measured growth, together with our unique program mix will enable Mount Royal to make a notable contribution to increasing the participation rate of Albertans in post-secondary education, which continues to be a significant need within our province.

The combination of increased degree offerings and increased capacity for student enrolments will uniquely position Mount Royal within the Canadian post-secondary landscape. We will remain committed to a smaller class experience, providing faculty and students the opportunity for close interaction from year one through to program completion. At the same time, the number of program and major options, and courses available within these majors, will more closely approximate mid-size universities where students can fulfil their intellectual goals without transferring to complete their programs elsewhere.

This combination of size and programming along with our focus on liberal education and high impact learning is our competitive advantage and our academic niche. We are providing a world of choices to our students within a small school environment. Our graduates leave Mount Royal with the critical soft skills and practical application experience in their field of study. Together, these key differentiators enable our graduates to hit the ground running in their chosen path, whether it be graduate studies or embarking on a career. That is the Mount Royal advantage.