President's Welcome

Mount Royal University is an exceptional community focused on our people. Mount Royal is a teaching and knowledge-pursuing community. We gather those who seek to expand their understanding and prepare graduates for a lifetime of opportunities as contributing citizens. We are about opening minds and providing students with the critical thinking and communication skills that will outlast each of the many careers today’s graduates will experience.

It is about our staff, who are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as a post-secondary institution that provides students with an exceptional learning opportunity. It is about our management team, who provide leadership throughout the University and inspire others at all levels to be leaders in their own important sectors. And, it’s about our broader community, including our alumni, our faculty and our staff who make important contributions to Calgary and beyond.

Learning Together, Leading Together provides a framework for excellence for a new University with a proud past. The Strategic Plan sets out the priorities for Mount Royal University for the next ten years. It identifies our key strengths as well as areas where additional focus will benefit our students and the University.

Learning Together, Leading Together tells the story of who we are and where we are going. It reminds us of what we do; but far more critically, it speaks to why we do it. It identifies our unique contributions to post-secondary education and our community. Learning Together, Leading Together reminds us and others that Mount Royal places students first.

David Docherty, PhD
Mount Royal University President signature