Steering Comittee

David Docherty, President (Chair)
Kathy Shailer, Provost & Vice-President Academic (Vice-Chair)

Academic Deans
Jeff Keshen, Dean, Faculty of Arts
Chad London, Dean, Faculty of Health & Community Studies

Chairs/Program Directors/Managers
Karim Dharamsi, Chair, General Education
Paul Dornian, Director, MRU Conservatory
Pearl Herscovitch, Chair, MRU Library

Faculty Members
Evelyn Field, Faculty of Arts
Ryan Parks, Bissett School of Business
Glenn Ruhl, Faculty of Communication Studies
Giuliana Harvey, Faculty of Health & Community Studies
Pam MacQuarrie, Faculty of Science & Technology
Jodi Nickel,  Faculty of Teaching & Learning

Staff Members
Jhoseling Garcia, Laboratory Support Centre
Heather Hanley, Career Services
Kerry Marincich, Financial Services
Karen Richards, Marketing & Communications

Student Members
Tristan Smyth, VP, Academic, Students’ Association
Kristin Milloy, Health Science Student
Julia Pasieka, English Honours Student

Mount Royal Faculty Association
Scott Murray, VP, Policy, MRFA

Mount Royal Staff Association
Baset Zarrug, President, MRSA

Ex Officio
Duane Anderson, Vice-President, Administrative Services
Brian Fleming, Vice-President, Student Affairs & Campus Life
Carole Simpson, Vice-President, University Advancement
Heather Haddow, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources
Jim Campbell, Director, Development
Peter Seto, Director, Institutional Research & Planning
Jane O’Connor, Director, University Secretariat
Melanie Rogers, Director, Marketing and Communications


Sandra Kokot, Special Assistant, President’s Office
Kurt Edwards, Policy Studies Student Intern